Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mas mabuti nalang manahimik. Kaysa sa magyabang..
ako alam ko madami ako mapagyayabang, pero pinipili ko nalang na manahimik..
baka mayabangan pa sa akin eh. Ayoko ng ganun.. na "mayabang" image ako.
kaya i choose to be silent nalang.
pero pag maganda naman pagyayabang ko at sigurado ako dito.., go go go

kaya pag may nagyayabang sakin.. O kaya kwentong payabang..
wala lang.. makikinig lang ako

pag kasi ako nagyabang, mayabang talaga..
kaya tahimik nalang ako. Konting share. Bahala na kung isipin na nagyayabang ako..
pero ganito talaga ako, tahimik lang, pero nice. kaya konting tao lang talaga kilala ako bilang ako..

meron akong mga kilala.  Pag may pagyayabang, pinagmamalaki talaga..
pero nasasaktan din, napapahiya..
kaya sa huli, sila din ang talo. Natatawa nalang ako, buti nalang di ako mayabang.
para di ako mapahiya kung meron man mangyari sa pagyayabang ko. best choice ko to.
bahala na sa tao yan., kung mayabang man,  sige magyabang ka. Dun ka naman masaya eh!
haha! pero sinasabi ko, may katapusan din ang pagiging mayabang

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Languages of Apology

According to the book that I have read "5 languages of Apology" by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas sorry is just not enough in an apology..

Learn the languages:

5 languages of apology..
  • Expressing regret- "I am sorry"
“Expressing Regret” is a powerful Apology Language because it gets right to the point. It doesn’t make excuses or attempt to deflect blame. Above all, “Expressing Regret” takes ownership of the wrong. For that reason, “Expressing Regret” is understood as a sincere commitment to repair and rebuild the relationship.
The “Expressing Regret” Apology Language speaks most clearly when the person offering the apology reflects sincerity not only verbally, but also through body language. Unflinching eye contact and a gentle, but firm touch are two ways that body language can underscore sincerity.

  • Accepting Responsibility- "I was wrong"
It is very difficult for some people to admit that they’re wrong. It makes them doubt their self-worth, and no one likes to be portrayed as a failure. We are going to make poor decisions that hurt our mates, and we are going to have to admit that we were wrong. We have to accept responsibility for our own failures.
For many individuals, all they want is to hear the words, “I am wrong.” If the apology neglects accepting responsibility for their actions, many partners will not feel as though the apology was meaningful and sincere. Many partners need to learn how to overcome their ego, the desire to not be viewed as a failure, and simply admit that their actions were wrong. For a mate who speaks this apology language, if an apology does not admit fault, it is not worth hearing. Being sincere in your apology means allowing yourself to be weak, and admitting that you make mistakes. Though this may be hard to do for some people, it makes a world of a difference to your partner who speaks this language.

  • Making Restitutions- "What can i do to make it right"
A mate who speaks this love language feels the same way towards apologies. They believe that in order to be sincere, the person who is apologizing should justify their actions. The mate who’s been hurt simply wants to hear that their mate still loves them.

There are many effective ways to demonstrate sincerity in an apology. Each mate must learn the other’s love language in order to complete the act of restitution. Though some mates may feel a though all is forgotten with a bouquet of flowers, that may not necessarily work for all mates. Every mate should uncover what their partner’s main love language is (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Receiving Gifts) and use that specific language in order to make restitutions in the most effective way.

For a mate whose primary apology language is making restitutions, no matter how often you say “I’m sorry”, or “I was wrong”, your mate will never find the apology sincere. You must show strong efforts for making amends. A genuine apology will be accompanied by the assurance that you still love your mate and have a desire to right the wrong-doings committed.

  • Genuine Repenting- "ill try not to do that again"
For some individuals, repentance is the convincing factor in an apology. Some mates will doubt the sincerity of an apology if it is not accompanied by their partner’s desire to modify their behavior to avoid
the situation in the future.

It’s important to remember that all true repentance begins in the heart. A mate must feel poorly for hurting their loved one, and rely on God’s help in order to truly change. Admitting you are wrong creates vulnerability. It allows your mate to get a glimpse of your heart. The glimpse of true self is assurance that the apology was sincere.

One important aspect of genuinely repenting is verbalizing your desire to change. Your mate cannot read your mind. Though you may be trying to change inside, if you do not verbalize your desire to change to your mate, most likely they will still be hurt.

Many people have problems with repenting when they do not feel as though their actions were morally wrong. However, in a healthy relationship, we often make changes that have nothing to do with morality and everything to do with building a harmonious marriage.

It is also important to make a dedicated plan for change. Often apologies involving repentance fail because the person never set up steps of action to help ensure success. A person must first set goals for their change. After you create realistic goals, then you can start implementing a plan to change. Taking baby steps towards repentance instead of insisting on changing all at once will increase your chances of successfully changing your ways.

It is important to remember that change is hard. Constructive change does not mean we will immediately be successful. There will be highs and lows on the road to change. You must remember that with God’s help, anyone can change their ways if they are truly and genuinely ready to repent.
  • Request Forgiveness- "will you please forgive me"
In some relationships, a mate wants to hear their partner physically ask for forgiveness. They want assurance that their mate recognizes the need for forgiveness. By asking forgiveness for their actions, a partner is really asking their mate to still love them. Requesting forgiveness assures your mate that you want to see the relationship fully restored. It also proves to your mate that you are sincerely sorry for what you’ve done. It shows that you realize you’ve done something wrong. Requesting forgiveness also shows that you are willing to put the future of the relationship in the hands of the offended mate. You are leaving the final decision up to your partner – to forgive or not forgive.

Requesting forgiveness is not easy. It often leaves one vulnerable to the fear of rejection. Along with the fear of rejection is the fear of failing. Many people have a hard time seeking forgiveness because it means admitting that you have failed. The only way to overcome this fear is to recognize that it is very common amongst mankind. The commonality makes it okay to be a failure. It allows a stubborn mate to apologize to their partner and become a healthy individual.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between asking for forgiveness and DEMANDING forgiveness. When we demand forgiveness, we tend to forget the nature of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice the offended party is supposed to make. Demanding forgiveness takes away the sincerity of asking for it.

Remember not to treat forgiveness lightly. It is something to be cherished and appreciated. The act of forgiveness is hard on both ends – for the person who’s asking and for the person who’s accepting.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tears fall in our faces tonight
earth cold, our feelings is stone
fake smile, our broken dreams..
minds close, empty heart
rain fall, thunder strike..
why did you not tell me, when we still have time to fix it..
now were broken. no one can save us.
now were breaking and an endless silence in our heart........
tears fall in our heart tonight.
nothing to compare the than the scar i have.. were fading.
im losing a glimpse of you.. why do we end up like this....


I wake up this morning with tears in me eyes.
Trying to make a way
Holding on something,
remembering something
with a shuttered dreams in hands...
Thinking on something,
Trying to find a way to let go of this....
now were in silence, nothing has become us.
Trying to be something..
To many faces forgive me I'm trying
You've been running in my mind.
This thing is familiar and I'm down on my knees..
Ill be blind, keeping my self from this world finding you in some spacial way.. dying for a touch. even in dreams may do trying to find a way trow your heart...
Its driving me crazy..


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Advisory haha!

Joke lang po ito ah.. walang masama sa pagiging barker, as long as malinis na trabaho ang ginagawa at di nakakasakit ng kapwa. Yun nga lang may konti na na aagrabyado. Hehe! =)

Last part: Jeep

Hay, kung hindi naman mang ipit ng betlogs ay siguro ay iwiwish mo na kay papa God ang "detachable na ilong". Kung mamalasin ka nga naman, makakasabay pa ang may putok, nakow! At sa magkabilaan pa tumabi.. sigh! Sandwich ka na! di mo na alam kung san hahagilap ng fresh air… para ng sigurong na suffocate! At sa di malaman na kadahilanan, di mo alam kung bakit. Ang kapal ng mga face at san nila hinuhugot ang lakas ng loob at kapal ng mukha… na isampay pa ang kanilang mga kamay sa hawakan ng jeep at magpahangin ng kilikili. Ang masaklap pa yung nakasando. Nakanampootah! Haha! Feel na feel na superman siguro! Special powers: kilikili powers. Nak ng.. at dinoble pa ng malas, nakasabay pa Bumbay. Kabad trip.

Dear God, wala ka bang suggestion box dyan sa haeaven? Nang makasulat naman ako.. Magpaulan ka naman ng sandamakmak na tawas at matamaan ang mga bumbay na ito. Kahit 40 days lang. na nan stop umulan ng tawas po. Tulad po nung ginawa mo kay Noah noon. Nang mabawasan na po ang air pollution ditto sa mundo. At makalanghap naman po kami ng fresh air dito..

Part 2: Jeep

Ang hirap din pagsiksikan sa jeep. Kailangan pang ipitin ang "betlogs" mo para magkasya ang iba pang pasahero, para lang makaalis na. iniisip ko tuloy na sana wala ng betlogs ang mga lalaki. Haha! Or sana Makita ni papa God ang ganitong mga eksena sa jeep sa pilipinas. Sana ginawa nalang ni God na detachable ang betlogs ng mga pinoy. Oo, detachable! Meaning natatangal tapos pwede ikabit muli. Haha! Para kung sasakay ka na ng jeep, ilalagay mo nalang ang betlogs mo sa backpack. Oh diba mas convenient! Iwas ipit.oh yung mas malupit pag kasama mo girlfriend mo, ipatago mo nalang sa shoulder bag nya. Mas convenient diba? Saka nalang ikabit pagbaba ng jeep. (isipin nyo nalang ang mga typical na usapan or phone conversation na maririnig: Love, naiwan ko yung betlogs ko sa bag mo. Wag mo kalimutan pag uwi ah! Dalin mo paguwi mo.. ay labyu! Mwaaah!! Hehe =) kalupit ng pangyayari!..

Kung diba naman kasi kalahating tanga + kalahating adik = barker ang mga barker sa jeep. Pinipilit na magkasya ang sampung pasahero sa pang wa;uhang jeep. Pambihira! Sinisigaw pa ng barker "sige kasya pa isa, sa kaliwa konting ayos lang!" ANAK NG!!!.... eh kitang kita namang kalahating dangkal nalang natitirang space. Kaadikan ng mga barker nayan. Nakakasira ng mood!

Paano nalang kung suma sideline ang mga barker na bumugaw ng chicks? "Oh sige kasya pa ang isa! Kasya pa! oh bakante pa ang butas sa tenga, pwede pa isa dyan! Sa may bibig, pwede pa dyan. Dali na at bibiyahe sa langit!" pambihira! Langya naman na kaadikan ng mga barker na yan.

Paano naman kung nag waiter ang sa high class restaurant ang barker na ito. Imagine: ang tino ng candle lights, ang ganda ng music, tapos date kayo ni labs. Ang ganda na talaga! Tapos may lalapit na lang at saka sasabihin "oh kasya pa dalawa sa table 3, excuse me konting labi lang po para magkasya po kayo lahat!" naku, kung nagkataon tragedy ang labas ng date mo. Pambihira! Minus one thousand pogi points agad yun. Kabad trip talga pag ganun. Reminder na din, wag kang gagamit ng credit card sa date. Dahil nga likas na malalakas ang boses ng mga yan, baka sumigaw pa yan ng "OH sir! Tung credit card exceed to its limit! Oh sir! No more balance daw sir!! Haha!nakow habaan ang pasensyaat baka mahila mo pa ang esophagus sag alit. Magiging instant criminal ka pa pag nagkataon.

Pano naman kung mga dambuhala talaga sa taba ang mga pasahero. Kablam! Count of ang barker. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.. oh 9 palang, kulang pa ng isa, konting usog naman dyan para makaalis na kayo!" ang tanong, kasya pa ba?? May espasyo pa ba? Pambihira.. sinakop na ng tabachoy eh! San ka pa uupo. Siguro sa lapag nalang. Oo sa lapag, wag lang malate. Sobrang kaadikan na ng mga barker na to. Acetone o katol siguro tinitira nila.. joke. Di mo alam kung nanadya o talagang nawalan na ng common sense.

1st part: Jeep

Heto na naman, papasok na naman sa school. Masaya, malamig ang hangin. Sakto di ako pagpapawisan. Kay sarap pagmasdan ng araw. Pasikat palang ito. Nakakarefresh ng sobra. Feeling ko magagawa ko lahat ng tama buo kong araw, dahil nakita ko lang ang pagsikat ng araw, ang babaw ng dahilan. Pero punong puno ng pag asa.

Kabad trip nga naman. Walang van. Kundi lang kasi mga colorum.. kainis nga talaga. Sarap hilahin ng mga tonsil! Kaaga aga, ang haba ng pila. Ano yan, pila sa LTO? Pila sa NFA? Mga ganyang eksena ang naranasan ko nung nakaraang araw lang. hays, no choice! Nagisipin ako ng malalim. Nagdesisyon.. Sobrang pinagisipan ko talga. At yun na nga.. Naisip ko ako ay mgjijeep.. GRRR!! Ayoko pa naman magjeep!! Hindi naman ako mayaman ah!! Paki ko ba?! The nerve!! Buti nalang may dalawa ako kasabay.. ayoko ng nagjijeep eh!!

Buti nalang at medyo maaga pa. di pa ganun kaataas ang araw. Sa isip isip ko, maswerte ako.. pero ang bigat talaga sa loob ko. Ayoko magjeep kahit anong condition basta pag papasok ng school. Kahit complete pa sound system ng jeep, kahit todo customize, kahit may cr pa yan, kahit maluwag man yan, kahit malambot pa upuan nyan! Hay naku! Jeep will be always be jeep. Kahit libre pa, cyempre sasakay na ako pero mabigat parin sa loob ko. Ang arte ko naman! (haha!)
Back to being maaga. Nakasakay na kami sa jeep, sigh.. Maaga nga, ang liit naman ng bintana ng jip. Sa tantya ko, mga 6 inches lang yung haba ng butas ng bintana. Kabad trip! Pag huminto ang init talaga sa jeep! Gamunggong pawis na ang noo ko. Di ako nagiisa na naiinitan, pinagmasdan ko ang mga kasabay ko sa jeep. Hala, paypayan ng paypayan. Kasarap talaga sa jeep! Kasarap ng atmosphere, ambience and whatever.. papasok ng school. Pawis na. Para na nga tumakbo sa oval ng isang beses. Kaka dyahe diba?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Natutunan ko kay Tado

i learn this very delicious recipe from Arvin "Tado" Jimenez" Strangebrew

ang tagal na nun ahh!

napakasarap nito.. (?_?) waah! just try it!

i called it "Wonderful cornbeef"

you must try it, its a MUST try food... haha! =)

  • taho(nabibili sa magtataho)
  • 1 bottle ng yakult
  • corned beef ( yung luto ah!)


  • ilagay ang taho sa isang bowl (mangkok in tagalog)
  • ibuhos ang yakult sa bowl
  • next ang corned beef
  • mix all the ingredients
  • haluin ng maigi
  • serve! eat well!

ngayon, KUNG balak nyo tong gawin, ipaalam nyo sakin lasa ah.. tagal ko na gusto yan malasahan eh! =) para ma try ko din.. 1st year hayskul ko pa dream to eat that food!

You lighten up my day with your smile.
Every minute spent w/ you is worth while.
No moment is dull between the two of us.
Most memorable moment is spent with you, gosh!

I share all my secrets to you.
And you didn’t hesitate to share it w/ me too!
Hope our bond won’t fade away.
Instead we should make it stronger day by day.

You know I don’t wanna see you down.
That’s why sometimes I tend to become a clown.
its okay to be look like "tanga"

When a frown reaches your face.
I’ll see to it, it must be erased.
Losing you, will be intolerable.
All the days of my life will be miserable.

For w/out you, i feel inferior.
I’ve always counted you as one of my saviors.
You’re the one I share my ups and downs with.
To you my concern i’ll always give.

I’ll be with you till the end.
For you are my girlfriend!.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ideal Man

Meron mga ladies ay meron tinatawag na "ideal man", o yung tinatawag na "man of dreams", or "knight in shining armor". Ang korni!! Meron ba talagang ganun??

ang ideal man ay yung type na lalaki ng isang girl. yung sigurong kung gagawa man ng checklist si girl tungkol sa mga katangian na gusto nya sa isang lalaki ay andun na. The moment na makita na nya si "ideal man" ay machechekan nya lahat ng nasa checklist nya!!!

Teka nga.. Sino ba si IDEAL MAN.. Meron bang ganun?? Siguro sya yung:

  • umuuwi ng maaga
  • hindi ngfiflirt
  • hindi umiinom
  • hindi naninigarilyo
  • hindi nagsusugal
  • (in short walang bisyo)
  • hindi nagsisinungaling
  • hindi marunong magpaiyak ng babae
  • hindi sakit sa ulo
  • hindi nang aaway
at hindi pala nag eexist..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hindi mo malalaman ang sagot sa katanungan hanggat hindi dumarating ang

very inspiring... =)

Monday, November 17, 2008


May mga bagay sa ating buhay na darating sa puntong napakadami nating tanong. Mga tanong na kayhirap ipaliwanag. Kay hirap hanapan ng kasagutan. Mga tanong tanong tungkol sa ating sarili na katutuyuan ng utak. Masakit sa ulo. Mga tanong na sarili lang ang pwede sumagot, pero di natin alam.. (magulo ata?) May mga tanong na dapat ibahagi para makuha ang kasagutang inaasam.

Ang daming katanungan na umiikot sa isip ng bawat tao. Kung pwede nga lang basahin ang iniisip ng tao, malulula sigro sa dami ng katanungan. Ang sarap magbasa ng tanong na walang tiyak na kasagutan.

Meron mga tao na desperado na makuha ang kasagutan.. try mo kaya mag tanong kay jude or kay peter. Isa sila sa mga sikat na website.. at Pero isa lang silang malaking kalokohan.. Kakorny ng gumawa ng site n yan..
oh di kaya subukan mong magpahula?? nakow, isa din napakalaking kalokohan.. Wag hayaan na ibang tao ang magdikta kung ano ang mga mangyayari sa buhay ng isang tao.. Aasa ka lang.. Andyan naman si God.. 24/7 palagi.. kadali lapitan.

Pero di ba narerealize ng tao, nakakabaliw na din mag isip ng sagot sa mga katanungan. Lalo na tung mgsa tanong sa sarili at tanong tungkol sa mga bagay bagay dito sa mundo. Nakakapagod na magtanong sa sarili na, "ano ang kasagutan sa tanong na ito? Lalo na kung yung paulit ulit na lang. Nakakasawa. At mas masaklap na umaasa ng kasagutan sa tanong na waka ng pag-asang masagot pa. Mahirap umasa sa walang kasagutan. kapagod na magtanong.

Di lahat ng tanong ay may instant kasagutan. Merong mabilis masagot, mag matagal, sobrang tagal at pinakamasaklap ay wala ng kasagutan. Nakakasawa na magtanong. Lahat ay nadadaan sa pag iintay. Kadalasan, ang sagot ay dumadating pag tayo ay humintong magtanong.

Ikaw! oo ikaw na nagbabasa.. Anong tanong mo?

Ako ay ako! (chanan!)

ako nga pala si Bryan Benedict A. Molera.. ayan eh di kilala mo na ako.. Wala ng mahahanap siguro na katulad ko.. siguro extinct na ang mga katulad ko.. bakit nga ba? may kilala ka ba na tao na mas gusto pa makasama ang mga langgam at lamok kaysa sa tao?? (masyado k nman mpagmahal sa insekto??) haha joke lang nman yun.. mahilig ako makisama pero.. basta iba ako sa lahat pag nakilala mo ako!

Sabi nila, ako daw ay habulin.. ng mga surot at itik! (sbi ni angel dati.. XD) hanggang ngayon ay mahilig parin ako sa poring.. yung color pink n npaka cute na tumatalbog talbog sa ragnarok.. ewan ko kung bakit..
ang weird ko un lang masasabi ko.. hehe! =)

madami din akong naging pangarap, mga pangarap na nkakabangag.. adik lang ang makakaisip.. gusto ko lumipad, tumalon ng mataas, lumangoy na parang dolphin, maging isang computer, matuto mag japanese, at madami pang iba.. siguro nga adik ako.. pero adik lang magisip.. normal akong tao! malikot ang aking utak sa bagay bagay sa mundo.. lalo na pag nagiisa ako.. kadaming bagay nasulpot sa isip ko.. astig nga eh.. never ako nbobored! bihira ko lang ishare sa iba, kasi baka isipin nila ang weirdow kow..

baka mabaliw n ako sa dami ng iniisip ko.. waah! kaya ayan, naisipan kong idaan nlang sa pagsulat.. at least nababawasan ang laman ng utak ko.. kaya ayan.. naisipan ko mgsulat sulat.. madaming nagbago sa pagsusulat ko.. Dating late umuwi eh ngayon maaga na ako umuwi.. ayos din naman! pero wala pa ko npapatunayan.. pangkain oras lang siguro at libangan sa sarili ko, para mabawasan mga iniisip ko sa utak.. haha!

Medyo emo ako.. pagdating sa pag ibig.. ewan ko ba.. haha! mahal naman ako ng girlfriend ko.. ahh basta hirap explain.. masyado ako sensitive eh..

oh basta ayun ako!!!