Friday, November 21, 2008

You lighten up my day with your smile.
Every minute spent w/ you is worth while.
No moment is dull between the two of us.
Most memorable moment is spent with you, gosh!

I share all my secrets to you.
And you didn’t hesitate to share it w/ me too!
Hope our bond won’t fade away.
Instead we should make it stronger day by day.

You know I don’t wanna see you down.
That’s why sometimes I tend to become a clown.
its okay to be look like "tanga"

When a frown reaches your face.
I’ll see to it, it must be erased.
Losing you, will be intolerable.
All the days of my life will be miserable.

For w/out you, i feel inferior.
I’ve always counted you as one of my saviors.
You’re the one I share my ups and downs with.
To you my concern i’ll always give.

I’ll be with you till the end.
For you are my girlfriend!.

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