Friday, January 2, 2009


Nakapanood ako ng shrek nung isang gabi. Nakakatuwa. Nakakatawa. Pag pinanood mo ng maigi, mas maiintindihan mo ang movie.
It differs from other fictional characters because the main characters are ugly.. haha! Unlike on typical animation films, where the main characters are cute and got the face and looks near to perfection.

I got this from a cute text message and added something, reflect from this:
In love, who will you choose? A prince charming who will bring you to his castle and dance all night with you, but would allow you to leave when the clock strikes 12.

Another prince charming who will just kiss you because you are such a beautiful girl, adorable and pretty? Who will steal a kiss because you are on a deep sleep?

Spiderman, who will give you the sweetest kiss and vanishes for all time without knowing his real identity.

Another prince charming. Which will use your hair just to reach you on the top of the tower? Don’t hurt, there are other ways to reach the top.

So be like Jeace, choose me
Not perfect but real.. haha

Yun ang banat! Haha! =)


Anonymous said...

Hehehe kamuka ni allan k

ponkan21 said...

oo nga poh kamukha kaya yan ang kinuha kong pic.. haha!

jordan shoes said...

where you come from!

Badong said...

maniniwala ka bang wala pa kong napapanood ni isang shrek film? mukha na ba akong kawawa?

ponkan21 said...

di naman..
ako nga 1 time lang eh.. haha!
nagkataon lang nakapanood ako! haha